Cinema Texel

Cinema Texel stands out from big city theaters, mainly because you're still being received by staff. In a cozy atmosphere you can watch the latest movies at an affordable price. In the summer months you can enjoy a snack or a drink on the beautiful terrace while enjoying the streetscape and the summer sun. If you want a fun night out, then the Cinema ...

Gravenstraat 33, Den Burg
tel. +31 222 312 027
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Climbing the church tower of Den Burg

In the months of July and August, every Monday and Wednesday between 10:00 and 16:00 hrs, you can climb the village tower. Result: A stunning view!

Binnenburg, Den Burg
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Lighthouse Eierland Texel

The bold red lighthouse on the northern tip of the island is for many people the symbol of Texel. The lighthouse is almost year-round daily open to visitors. Magnificent views After taking the staircase of 153 steps a magnificent view awaits you ; over the North Sea, Wadden Sea and the nearby ...

Vuurtoren Texel
Vuurtorenweg 184, De Cocksdorp
tel. +31 222 317 741
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Klimmen EnZo

Klimmen EnZo is hét Klimpark op vakantiepark De Krim in De Cocksdorp. En vrij toegankelijk voor iedereen op Texel! Bij ons beleeft u een spektakel op hoogte! Vanuit onze centrale toren zijn er routes met verschillende niveaus uitgezet om u 2 uur te vermaken! Het klimpark op vakantiepark de Krim, met 4 ...

Roggeslootweg 6, De Cocksdorp
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Het Wad op: TX 10 en TX 35

Haven 2, Oudeschild – Texel
tel. +31 651 528 174
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Texel 44

Haven, Oudeschild – Texel
tel. +31 651 105 775
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ZeehondenTochten Het Sop

Haven 8, Oudeschild
tel. +31 620 920 594
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Rederij de Vriendschap

Vuurtorenweg 100, De Cocksdorp
tel. +31 222 316 451