TX44 Wadden Cruise - Boat Trip

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Step aboard the TX44 Wadden Cruise for an unforgettable tour from the harbour of Oudeschild on the beautiful island of Texel. Enjoy a unique experience as the captain tells you about the Wadden Sea area.

What can you expect on a tour with the TX44?

Experience the Magic of the Wadden Sea with the TX44 Wadden Cruise

The TX44 Wadden Cruise offers a unique way to explore the beautiful Wadden Sea area and its inhabitants.

The cruises depart from the harbour of Oudeschild, opposite harbour no. 6 on Texel. Don't miss this unique experience and book your tour today!

Furthermore TX44 Wadden Cruise is near the following sights: Het Sop Seal Tours (±30 m), Oudeschild Playground (±30 m), Kaap Skil (±125 m), Zeehondentocht met de Anna (±125 m) & Tidal flat cruises with the TX-10 Emmie (±300 m).

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