Events on Texel

In the summer there is almost daily something organized Texel. Under which the various markets, folklore, music performances and various sporting events where you can look at or to which you can join.

Amuse Tour

Enjoy special snacks and wines in ten restaurants. You can do this during AmuseTour.

National Museum Week

During this Museum week about 450 museums are to visit. There are extra activities such as workshops, guided tours, tastings, children's treasure hunts, musical performances and the possibility to dress up. This year's theme is: "Let yourself be mesmerized by a museum ...

Lambs Hiking Tour

Het Gouden Boltje organizes a Lambs Hiking Tour in and around Den Burg. The routes of 5, 10, 15, 25 or 40 km traverse the old lands of Texel. Along the way you see the sheep with their lambs in the pastures, you'll also come ...

The Sixty of Texel

Athletics Association Texel organizes 'The Sixty of Texel' on Easter Monday. A bi-annual run, which is considered to be the finest and toughest point-to-point race for professional runners and relay teams in the Netherlands by many. This varied and challenging route goes to all the salient ...


At sunset every year on April 30, at several locations on Texel the so-called 'Meierblissen' are lit. In the weeks beforehand, the children gather flammable materials. The gathered material is lit on April 30, where those present stand around the fire and roast potatoes on pieces of wire. The ...

Texel Weekend

A popular horseriding event where riders from the entire country participate. Three days of dressage from B until Gran Prix level. A dressage demonstration is shown to complete the final day. At Friday and Saturday there is showjumping from B until ZZ level.

Lifeboat Day

In the spring, the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) organizes its annual open day. On Lifeboat Day you can look into the rescue station. At all stations are demonstrations, storytelling, and you can see the equipment.

National Mills Day

Since 1974 the event is held every year on the second Saturday in May. It is a day when as many mills as possible are running. The National Mills Day has now become an annual event. Besides turning and grinding, all kinds of activities take place at a large number of mills, from baking pancakes to music festivals. ...


Het Gouden Boltje organiseert, onder auspiciën van de NHWB, de Avondvierdaagse. Deze wandeltochten van 5, 10 en 15 km voert u door Den Burg en omgeving en het Hogeberg gebied. Startplaats: Kantine Schietsportcentrum Odysseus - Emmalaan 65 Den ...

Round of Texel

Begin June

Texel is really the place to be for catamaran sailors. To join the Round of Texel they arrive with hundreds to the island. Every year this biggest catamaran race takes place around the island, which has started out as a small one. The beach at pole 17 is the ...

Amuse Tour

Enjoy special snacks and wines in ten restaurants. You can do this during AmuseTour.


Early July

Sommeltjespop is the biggest live pop festival on the island. A nice pop festival which is very professional with bands that have received a lot of popularity. They have become popular in the rest of the country.

Funfair at Texel

Mid July

Who didn’t like it as a child to be swirled around in a carousel or to get sticky from some cotton candy. On Texel it is still possible every year, mid July. Den Burg: 11 juli - 15 juli 2018 De Koog: 17 juli - 22 juli 2018

Texel Day of the Sheep

This event includes sheep shearing, you can learn to make sheep's milk, make a tour though the sheep country, and kids can make a sheep button for free.


Island Samba is not only the biggest Dance event on Texel, it also takes place at the beach. Imagine: barefoot on the beach, with a setting sun, a cocktail in your hand and Music of well-known artists, as only the best DJ’s are ...

Funfair at Texel

Mid July

Who didn’t like it as a child to be swirled around in a carousel or to get sticky from some cotton candy. On Texel it is still possible every year, mid July. Den Burg: 11 juli - 15 juli 2018 De Koog: 17 juli - 22 juli 2018

Agricultural day

End July

Texel has a progressive agricultural sector, but it is also an industry with a special past. The Agricultural day which is being held at Den Hoorn, shows a mixture of modern techniques and nostalgia, with livestock inspection, demonstrations of garden ...


Ten old Dutch flatboats, ten days, five islands, hundred artists and talents… since 1988, people from all age groups can annually enjoy upcoming talent, different kinds of music, surprising (street)theater, cabaret and different workshops. Almost all performances are free or can be visited at a small fee. 3 & 4 Aug. ...


Mid August

The fishery is a fixed part of Texel. The fishermen in Oudeschild dispose of a modern fleet and won’t shy away from renewal. The idea for Simwin, a sustainable alternative for the beam, was a typical one for this area. New, but also traditional techniques ...


Vanaf 10.00 uur wordt op de Pontweg 146 in De Koog het jaarlijkse LEGO-evenement op Texel georganiseerd. Een evenement, met als rode draad de wereldbekende LEGO® steentjes, dat niet meer is weg te denken van Texel. De toegang en het parkeren ...


In de muzieknis in Oosterend begint Strenderpop. Een kleinschalig muziekfeestje met diverse optredens van zowel jonge als ervaren Texelse muzikanten.

Tropical Sea festival

End August

South-American bands and sultry dancers strengthen the subtropical atmosphere in the Koog during the Tropical Sea Festival. The bathing place transforms into a sanguineous atmosphere during the last weekend of the high season. During the day the street artists are there, in the evenings there are live performances ...

Sponsor Hike

The Gouden Boltje organizes a Sponsor Hike. The proceeds go to charity. This hike, with distances of 5, 10 or 15 kilometers is through the dunes and the beach. Starting point: Dorpshuis De Waldhoorn Herenstraat 30, 1797 AH Den Hoorn Starting time: 1 pm - 2 pm Participants who do ...


Begin september

Schapenfokkersdag op de Groeneplaats; traditionele veemarkt met de sfeer van een algemene jaarmarkt. In vroegere tijden vonden in Den Burg echte lamsmarkten plaats. De schapenfokkers uit de wijde omgeving trokken hier naar toe om hun jongvee te koop aan te bieden. Vandaag de dag ...

Culinary Texel

Everyone who loves good food, has to be in the Dorpsstraat in De Koog during the second weekend of September. The best restaurants of Texel serve delicious snacks during [i]Texel Culinary[/i]. A nice atmosphere ...

Heritage Days

Open Monuments Day is held every year halfway through September, when thousands of monuments in the Netherlands are free to the public. The participating monuments can be recognized by the Open Monuments Day flag as shown here. Open Monuments Day is organized to encourage people to know more about their historical ...

Texel Half marathon

Texel Half marathon: 1600 runners start a tour of 21 or 10 km over the island, starting at the ferry. A sportive event through forest and dunes, over the beach and through cultural landscapes. With typical Texel elements, like sun, salt and wind. The finish is in Den ...


Op het strand bij Paal 20 in De Koog vind het Wind Festival plaats. Een 2-daags festival, waarbij één van de grootste krachten van het eiland centraal staat: wind. De lucht van het strand bij De Koog zal gevuld ...

Blues Festival

Known and unknown celebrities in the blues world take over the stages in Den Burg during this weekend. Lovers of this music always eagerly look forward to this event, where they can enjoy their favorite music in the café’s. An illustrious weekend where artists play beautifully and the ...

Arrival of Saint Nicholas Texel

The tradition of Saint Nicholas bringing gifts to children, celebrated in many countries, is an extraordinary occasion on Texel. Saint Nicholas arrives surrounded by his servants. Later, the whole parade in a festive way accompanies him to the city center. Children greet the procession. Customarily candies ...

Ouwe Sunderklaas

For real Texel fans! Traditional festival that takes place at night in almost every village on the island. On the street or in the living rooms, the events of the society of Texel are made fun of. It's a good idea to know some things about ...

Christmas Market

Half december

Well worth a visit, this attractive Christmas Market in Oosterend. As dusk falls small lights are ignited everywhere, and while walking through the narrow village streets you will find yourself years back in time.

New Year's Eve

New Year is another wild celebration. The Dutch often stay home with their families until midnight, and many bars open just then. Many venues offer New Year parties. From midnight the sky lights up as everyone sets of fireworks. People on Texel love a party and New Year’s Eve in particular. It’s a reason ...


New Year's Day plunge

On the first on January the annual New Year's Dive is organized on Texel, which has been since 2008. This traditional event creates a lot of fun on several beaches each year on 1 January. - Paal 20 @ De Koog: 14.00 hrs - Paal 9 @ ...

Half Marathon De Waal

Mid March

Early March the annually half marathon of De Waal is held. A regional Athletic union walk. You could say it's an early spring classic. It appears again and again that the participants come from near and far to participate. A sporty weekend getaway, and walking on a Waddeneiland ...