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Are you looking for a nice atmosphere? For shopping, going out, hanging out or going to a restaurant? Texel has a varied landscape with towns like De Koog, De Cocksdorp, De Waal, Den Burg, Den Hoorn and Oosterend. In these towns you’ll find cozy cafes, restaurants, terraces and nice shops. In and around the towns are many hotels and holiday homes. The largest town is Den Burg, which could almost be called a small city. De Koog is a real, touristic seaside town, while the smallest town, De Waal, exudes a kindly peace. Oudeschild is a typical port town. Oosterend and Den Hoorn are downright quaint. And whatever you do, do not skip De Cocksdorp on your way to the lighthouse, as it has many shops and restaurants.

Den Burg

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Den Burg is the largest and most important town on Texel, and is centrally located on the island. In the town’s centre, you will find many shopping streets with several notable shops. There are several antique and curio shops, and there are boutiques as well. The squares and streets offer a wide variety of cafes with terraces. During summer, many shops and the local supermarket are open on Sundays as well. There is convenient parking in front of the supermarket. On Monday mornings, there is a market in the town centre. All buses on Texel stop by Den Burg’s centre, so you can easily explore the island with the town as a starting point.

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There is more to do in Den Burg besides shopping and going to cafes. Den Burg is home to Texel’s only outdoor swimming pool, and houses a movie theatre as well. Nice towns such as De Cocksdorp, the seaside town of De Koog, Oudeschild and Oosterend can be easily reached from Den Burg by bus or by car. From Den Burg, you can embark on a great bicycle trip across the most beautiful part of the island. The beach is located approximately 6 kilometres from Den Burg.

De Koog

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The town of De Koog is close to the sea. A mere two dune ridges separate the town and the beach. This seaside town also has a subtropical swimming pool, and there are many cafes and shops. Most of the restaurants and cafes can be found in the Dorpsstraat. While walking along the Dorpsstraat, you will see terrace cafes terraces everywhere. At night, you can enjoy the nightlife in cafes and clubs. The beach is home to a couple of pavilions. Besides offering outdoor seating and delicious food, some pavilions also allow you to rent beach chairs and wind protection.

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De Koog is a typical seaside town. Just a single row of dunes marks the divide between the town and the beach. The rustle of the sea is always in the background. The Dorpsstraat exudes a pleasant holiday atmosphere all year round. During the day, you can do some excellent shopping; in the evening, you can grab a drink at a cafe. De Koog is an excellent starting point for a trip across Texel. To the north, the natural reserve along the dunes has free reign. Even in the busy season, one can wander around endlessly without encountering a single person. Also, be sure to cycle through the forest or the old Texel countryside. There are plenty of spots that evoke the true island feeling!

De Cocksdorp

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When you enter De Cocksdorp in the summer, you will notice the beautifully entangled trees lining the Molenlaan. They form a gateway to a town full of camping sites, bungalow complexes and cafes with terraces. In the summer, it gets pleasantly busy. De Cocksdorp is located in the north of Texel, by the sea bank. The northern part of Texel also houses Texel’s airfield, where you can practice skydiving. The pavilion near De Cocksdorp is open all year round.

Den Hoorn

Den Hoorn is a nice town to visit in the spring. It is situated among tulip fields, and is therefore surrounded by flowers in the spring. It is close to the Duinen van Texel national park. This natural reserve covers the entire dune area on the western side of Texel (along the North Sea). The dune area is at its widest near Den Hoorn, and at its narrowest near De Koog.


Oosterend is an old town with narrow streets and restored houses.


The town of Oudeschild borders on the Wadden Sea. Here, you can still find traces of the East India Company of the 17th century. Every weekend, Texel’s fishing fleet drops anchor in Oudeschild’s harbour. If you want, you can take a trip on a shrimp boat or go seal spotting on the Wadden Sea from the harbour. There is also a marina. At Oudeschild’s fishing harbour, the wonderful 17th century-hotel De Zeven Provinciën can be found.