Oudeschild: The Historic Fishing Harbor of Texel


Oudeschild is a charming village on the east coast of Texel on the Wadden Sea. It is best known as the homeport of the Texel fishing fleet.



The heart of Oudeschild is undoubtedly the Harbor, a bustling place where the Texel fishing fleet docks. You can buy fresh fish, enjoy the view of the many boats, or even take a boat tour to see seals. There are also several fish restaurants and shops nearby where you can taste the catch of the day. Additionally, there is a marina.


An important museum is Kaap Skil, located on Heemskerckstraat, which offers a fascinating insight into Texel's maritime heritage, including an exhibition on the Dutch East India Company (VOC) era and an outdoor area with historic buildings.


Shops and Restaurants

Although smaller than some of the other villages on Texel, Oudeschild still has a number of shops and dining options. These are mainly located along the Harbor, Heemskerckstraat, and the Vlamkast, offering a variety of businesses and local delicacies.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

The surroundings of Oudeschild are beautiful and offer plenty of opportunities for hiking and cycling. To the south of the village, you will find the Hoge Berg, a nature reserve known for its rolling hills and "tuunwallen" (traditional field boundaries).

In conclusion, Oudeschild is a picturesque village that provides a unique insight into maritime life on Texel, with a range of amenities and attractions that offer visitors both an educational and enjoyable experience.