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Do you fancy a pint? Then a visit to the Texel Brewery in Oudeschild is a must.

In the tasting room, you will be warmly welcomed by a guide. You'll learn more about the company's history and how the beer is made. After the explanation, you'll head to the cinema, where a short film will tell you more about the brewing process. Following that, you'll receive information about the beers and have time to ask your questions.

Finally, you'll be given a tasting board with four different Texel beers and a Texel beer glass to take home and taste the beers.

Furthermore Texel Brewery is near the following sights: Food Forest Texel (±350 m), Kaap Skil (±1,5 km), Het Sop Seal Tours (±1,6 km), TX44 Wadden Cruise (±1,6 km) & Oudeschild Playground (±1,6 km).

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Texelse Bierbrouwerij
Schilderweg 214, Oudeschild, Texel
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