De Waal: Authentic Beauty in the Smallest Village of Texel

De Waal is the smallest village on Texel and is located in the heart of the island. Despite its size, the village has a lot to offer to visitors.

Historic Center

The village has a picturesque charm with its narrow streets and historic houses. The heart of De Waal is centered around the Hogereind. Here, you will find beautiful historic buildings, including the oldest house on Texel.

Cultural Museum

One of the main attractions in De Waal is the Cultural Historical Museum, located in the Hogereind. The museum provides insights into the rich history of Texel and offers a diverse collection that illustrates the development of the island over the centuries.

Shops and Restaurants

Although small, De Waal has several amenities. There are some local shops and a café-restaurant, located on the Hogereind, where you can enjoy local delicacies.


De Waal is surrounded by beautiful nature. To the north of the village lies the nature reserve Waalenburg, a meadow bird sanctuary with walking paths, ideal for nature lovers.


Every year in August, De Waal hosts the 'SomPop festival', a popular music festival that attracts visitors from the entire region.

In summary, De Waal is a charming village with a rich historical heritage and a beautiful surrounding, making it an attractive destination for anyone looking to experience the authentic side of Texel.

Culture History Museum Texel

Culture History Museum Texel

You can see various authentic farm wagons, carriages in the museum, as well as sleighs and old farm machinery which were once used on the island of Texel. You can also see all kinds of machines and tools for milk processing, and cheese and butter-making. And see how people lived and worked on a farm 100 ...

    Hogereind 6, De Waal - Texel
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