Golf possibilities nearby Texel


Golf is the perfect way to relax: being outdoors in the fresh air and keeping up your social contacts at the same time.

Golf courses

Instead of playing at your usual golf course, what about teeing off in the dunes or in a beautiful forest? And not having to drive home to your daily routine after your golf game? Treat yourself to a golfweekend or midweek in the surroundings of Texel, one of the most beautiful spots in the Netherlands. Give yourself, your partner and your golf friends this chance for total relaxation in lovely surroundings. And non-golfers will certainly not be bored because there are so many interesting places to visit in the surroundings of Texel.


Contact information

For information about green fees, starting times and reservations, you should contact the club in question.

De Texelse Golfclub

Golfbaan De Texelse ligt te midden van prachtige, uitge- strekte duingebieden. Ook als vakantieganger kunt u hier start- tijden reserveren. Een eerste kennismaking met golf? U kunt deelnemen aan een golfintroductieles. Voor groepen zijn er uiteraard ook golf-clinics.

Roggeslootweg 3, De Cocksdorp Texel
tel. +31 222 316 539
web. Website
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Ooghduyne Golfclub

Van Foreestweg, Julianadorp aan Zee
tel. +31 223 640 125
web. Website

Nieuwediep Marine Golf Club

Kortevliet 1bb, Den Helder
tel. +31 223 658 675
web. Website