Open-Air Pool Molenkoog - Swimming pool

Open-Air Pool Molenkoog - 1

A fantastic place for water fun and relaxation for all ages. This spacious and well-maintained open-air pool provides entertainment for both young and old.

What can you expect at the Molenkoog open-air pool?

A Day of Fun at Molenkoog Open-Air Pool

Whether you come with your family or alone, Molenkoog Open-Air Pool offers a refreshing and joyful experience for everyone.

Furthermore Open-Air Pool Molenkoog is near the following sights: Climbing the Church Tower in Den Burg (±800 m), Cinema Texel (±850 m), Local History Museum (±900 m), Texel Brewery (±1,6 km) & Food Forest Texel (±1,9 km).

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Slingerweg 41, Den Burg
tel. +31 222 313 373 
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