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Ecomare on Texel is a seal rescue center and nature museum located in the National Park 'Duinen van Texel'. This center offers a versatile and educational experience for the whole family, where you can get up close with the nature of the coast and sea.

What can you expect?

An Enriching Experience for All Ages

Ecomare is an enriching experience for anyone interested in nature conservation, marine biology, and environmental education. Whether you're interested in marine mammals, birds, or the underwater world, Ecomare offers an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Immerse yourself in nature and discover the wonders of Ecomare on Texel!

Furthermore Ecomare is near the following sights: Maritime and Beachcombing Museum Flora (±1,9 km), Swimming pool Calluna (±2,1 km), Playground Bregkoog (±2,2 km), Catharinahoeve (±2,4 km) & Indoor Play Area Kogerstrand (±2,7 km).

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Ruijslaan 92, De Koog
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