Outdoor pool Molenkoog - Swimming pool

Outdoor pool Molenkoog

Texel has a beautiful and large outdoor swimming pool where you can swim, slide down the giant slide and simply have a lot of fun! For the littlest ones there is also plenty to do. With a paddling pool and a large play and sunbathing area, the kids will certainly not get bored. There is also table tennis, air trampoline, a sandbox and a swimming pool kiosk and a spacious terrace to enjoy. Sunbathe, play and live it up at Swimming Pool Molenberg in Den Burg on Texel.

Furthermore Outdoor pool Molenkoog is near the following sights: Climbing the church tower of Den Burg (±800 m), Cinema Texel (±850 m), Oudheidkamer (±900 m), Pick them Yourself Garden (±1,9 km) & Circuit Park Karting Texel (±2,0 km).

For information:

Openlucht zwembad Molenkoog
Slingerweg 41, Den Burg
tel. +31 222 313 373