Om’t Eiland 2025


Om't Eiland offers a unique opportunity to explore Texel. This two-day walking and camping tour around the island is a feast for the senses, promising a rich blend of nature, culture, and relaxation.

A Historical Route

Based on the 'Texelpad' by Nivon, Om't Eiland has over the years carved a special place in the hearts of many walkers. It's more than just a walking tour; it's a tradition, an annual outing for many.

Route Description

Day 1 Start at the ferry harbour and discover the eastern charm of Texel. Walk past Oudeschild, Oosterend and the East, finishing your day at the luxurious five-star camping site, De Krim.

- Highlights: Dyke views, picturesque villages, and expansive polders.

Day 2 Depart from De Krim and delve into the natural beauty of the Slufter. Wander through forests at De Koog and across the beach, ending in the quaint Den Hoorn. Here, relax at one of the many hospitality venues before covering the last miles back to the ferry harbour.

- Highlights: The Slufter, forested areas, dunes, and beaches.

An Unforgettable Experience

At the conclusion of this special tour, you'll receive a memento of Om't Eiland, a lasting memory of an adventurous journey on one of the Netherlands' most beloved islands.