Round of Texel 2025


Texel is really the place to be for catamaran sailors. To join the Round of Texel they arrive with hundreds to the island. Every year this biggest catamaran race takes place around the island, which has started out as a small one.

The beach at pole 17 is the traditional starting and finishing point. In the week before the round there are surfing and catamaran races and party nights in the big tent. Many well-known Dutch artists and DJ’s perform there.

The catamaran race can be viewed from many places. One of them is the pathway along the sea at pole 20 (De Koog), near the lighthouse and further ahead at pole 33 (De Cocksdorp), where the catamarans sail along the coast. You also have a good view from the dyke at Oosterend, the harbor of Oudeschild, the dyke near the NIOZ and the ferry port on the ’t Horntje.


Round Texel Race