Fireworks on Texel on New Year’s Eve

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user Rens

Can you light fireworks on Texel on New Year’s Eve?

user Floris (Employee)

Around New Year’s Eve, a lot of fireworks are being lighted by individuals. Texel allows consumers to light fireworks from 6 pm on December 31st, until 2 am on January 1st.

On other days, consumer fireworks are prohibited on Texel throughout the year. Only professionals with a license may then fire off fireworks.

Firework-free zone

There are several firework-free zones / areas on Texel. Contrary to what some (national) media suggest, there is no general ban on fireworks for the entire island of Texel on 31 December.

Partly due to the low number of inhabitants, there is relatively little fireworks on Texel on 31 December each year.

No fireworks on new year’s eve on Texel

If you want to enjoy New Year’s Eve in peace and quiet, you are very welcome to come and spend the last week of the year on Texel!

start the new year without noisy explosions

While many people feel that fireworks are just as much a part of New Year’s Eve as oliebollen, champagne and the New Year’s TV specials, more and more Dutch people are becoming increasingly annoyed and frustrated with them. Small children are frightened of them and can’t sleep. Pets panic or run away and people with asthma find their symptoms are exacerbated by the smoke and powder fumes. The idea of spending New Year’s Eve without fireworks is gaining in popularity – but where do you go to escape from “Super Strikes” and other bangers?

fireworks-free overnight accommodation

More than 20 holiday parks, hotels, holiday cottages and bed & breakfasts around the island are guaranteed to be free of fireworks. For pets, in particular, it is a relief to be able to spend New Year’s Eve in an environment without any loud explosions. Below is a list of all fireworks-free overnight accommodation:
- Holiday Parks
- Holiday cottages
- Hotels
- Camping Loodsmansduin

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