National Mills Day 2025


The National Mill Day, celebrated annually on the second weekend of May, is a festive day when hundreds of wind and water mills across the Netherlands open their doors to the public. This event, which has been organised since the 1970s, celebrates the country's rich milling history and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Mills in the Spotlight

On this special day, mills come to life: sails flap, blades turn, and the sound of grinding stones fills the air. Many millers give demonstrations, share the history of their mill, and show visitors the inner workings of these impressive structures.

Activities for All Ages

The National Mill Day is about more than just viewing mills. Throughout the country, a range of activities are organised. Children can participate in treasure hunts, there are craft markets, and often musical performances too. A perfect outing for the whole family!

Join this annual tribute to a vital part of Dutch heritage and be captivated by the fascinating world of mills during the National Mill Day!