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The bold red lighthouse on the northern tip of the island is for many people the symbol of Texel. The lighthouse is almost year-round daily open to visitors.

Magnificent views
After taking the staircase of 153 steps a magnificent view awaits you ; over the North Sea, Wadden Sea and the nearby island of Vlieland.

Turbulent history
In 1864 Texel got a lighthouse, after years of campaigning conducted by the Texel solicitor Kikkert. Before the establishment of the lighthouse every year many ships perished, because the surrounding waters were so dangerous for shipping.

Name: Eierland
Built: 1863
Tower height: 34,7 m
Light height (above sea level): 53,2 m
Floors: 7
Stair treads: 153
Manned: No
Open to the public: ja

Suivant Vuurtoren Eierland Texel près des Lieux d'intérêt: Bowling de Krim (±3,2 km), Aire de jeux en plein air De Krim (±3,2 km), Indoor Lasergame (±3,2 km), Klimmen EnZo (±3,2 km) & Indoor midgetgolf (±3,2 km).

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