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user Anna

Are there on Texel also beach wheelchairs available to borrow or for rent? And if so, where?

user Floris (Employee)

During the long beach season (June, July, August and September) there are some beach wheelchairs available.

A telephone reservation is recommended. Often the use of beach wheelchairs is free. The beach wheelchair is only for use on the beach and into the sea. All beach wheelchairs need someone to push.  
Below are the lending locations with phone numbers:

Strandpaviljoen Paal 9
Hoornderslag 8, Den Hoorn
tel. +31 222-319309

Strandpaviljoen Paal 12
Jan Ayeslag 2, Den Hoorn
tel. +31 222-319737

Strandpaviljoen Paal 15
Fonteinsweg 5, Den Hoorn
tel. +31 222-314847

Strandpaviljoen aan Zee, Paal 17
Ruyslaan 94-98, De Koog
tel. +31 222-317614

Paal 20
Badweg 204, De Koog
tel. +31 222-317604

Paal 28
Krimweg 660, De Cocksdorp
tel. +31 222-316537

Kaap Noord, Paal 33
Volharding 4, De Cocksdorp
tel. +31 222-316340

More information: http://www.accessibletravelnl.com/images/beachwheelchairs.pdf

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